How to Unwrap a Token
"Unwrap" (also known as "withdraw") refers to the action of burning an amount of TomoChain wrapped token, and withdrawing an equivalent amount of the native token on another blockchain.
Log in to and choose the tokens and blockchain networks that you wish to swap.
Make sure to check the “Terms of use” and “Privacy policy” before proceeding to the next steps.
Connect your Metamask wallet and choose the conversion direction.
  • Make sure your Metamask wallet is on the TomoChain network (Follow this guide to learn more)
  • Choose TomoChain -> Ethereum for token unwrapping/withdrawal.
  • Select the asset that you want to unwrap from the drop-down list.
  • Enter the swapping amount (click on “Max” if you wish to unwrap it all).
  • Enter the receiving address on your Ethereum network (click on “Address” if your receiving address is the same as your sending address).
  • Check the estimated transaction fee and make sure the sending address has enough ETH on the Ethereum network to cover the fee.
  • Read and check the attention points carefully before you click on “Next”.
A transaction request window will pop up on your Metamask, click on “Confirm” to sign the burn transaction on the TomoChain network.
You may need to hold a small amount of TOMO to confirm the transaction request on Metamask. Though for TRC21 wrapped tokens, the fee will be paid in the token itself.
Once confirmed, TomoBridge will start verifying your transaction.
Keep the window open until the transaction is complete.
When the transaction is complete, switch your Metamask network from TomoChain to Ethereum.
Then click on “Claim (token symbol)” to receive your native token.
A transaction request window will pop up again on your Metamask, click on “Confirm” to sign the token unlock transaction on the Ethereum network. You can manually adjust the gas price and limit based on your budget and requirement of speed.
Now you’ve successfully converted your TomoChain wrapped token to an Ethereum based token. You can check the transaction on Etherscan.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our telegram group or forum or submit a support ticket.
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