TRC21 Wrapped Token

Please follow our instructions to swap your native coins/tokens to TRC21 Wrapped Tokens on TomoChain.

We are excited to introduce the new version of TomoBridge along with the launching of TomoX. This new version will help swap BTC, ETH or USDT to TRC21 Wrapped Tokens on your portfolio and enable trading on TomoChain's relayers.

To simplify the process for users, we would like to present a detailed tutorial on how to wrap/unwrap your tokens on TomoBridge.

Swap your native coins/tokens to TRC21 Wrapped Tokens

Step 1: Log in to and choose the coin/token that you wish to wrap/deposit

Options available for login include: MetaMask, TomoWallet, Ledger, Trezor, Private Key, Mnemonic and Pantograph extension. If you haven’t got a Wallet, create one here.

  • Check your account address.

  • Choose the correct coin/token you would like to deposit.

  • Click ‘Wrap Now”.

Make sure to check all your information before begin wrapping.

Step 2: Send your coin/token to the public address below by scanning the QR code or copying the address below.

When the following tab appears, your Wrapping/Unwrapping process has successfully begun:

  • Send your coin/token to the specific public address that appears on the transaction dashboard.

* Note: Carefully double-check your wallet address and the token/coin you would like to deposit.

  • After your transaction is complete, Select “Confirm Transaction”.

Confirmation may take a while due to the number of confirmation blocks

  • Once confirmed, TomoBridge will start verifying your transaction and sending TRC21 Wrapped Tokens with correlative value into your wallet address

Your ETH/BTC/USDT transaction will be secured as long as it contains the correct wallet address and TxHash.

Step 3: You can check the transition history once transaction is verified.

  • You may find the transaction history button on the top right corner.

  • In this new tab, you can check your previous deposits and withdrawals. For each successful transaction, a Tx Hash documenting your transaction to TomoBridge, and information about your wrapped token will be displayed (including the token's status, quantity & time).

Your native coin/token has been successfully wrapped and sent to your wallet.

Unwrap/Withdraw Your Tokens

Step 1: Choose the TRC21 Wrapped Token that you wish to unwrap/withdraw

  • You will need to have the corresponding TRC21 Wrapped Token in your wallet to start unwrapping that token.

  • Click “UnWrap Now” from the homepage. Your TRC21 Wrapped Tokens balance will be displayed.

  • Once again, by unwrapping, you’ve agreed to our Terms and Conditions.

  • Please double-check the following conditions before continuing to unwrap

Step 2: Fill out the wallet address that you want to receive your native coin/token

Step 3: Enter the amount of TRC21 Wrapped Token you want to unwrap

  • TomoBridge charges a small fee to unwrap tokens. More details. (TomoBridge Fee)

  • This process can take up from a few seconds to several minutes depending on the blockchain network of your coin/token.

  • Now you can check your balance again. After TomoBridge has sent the native coin/token to your wallet, the corresponding TRC21 Wrapped Token will be burned.

That’s it! You have gone through the whole process of wrapping/unwrapping your native coin/token to TRC21 Wrap Tokens with TomoBridge. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via:

Detailed Tutorial Video