How to use LuaSwap Snapshot for governance voting

Create a proposal on LuaSwap Snapshot

1.Go to

2.Click on “Connect wallet” button in top right corner

3. Connect with wallet provider where you hold LUA token.

Note: You need to have at least 1 LUA in your wallet to be able to create a proposal on LuaSwap Snapshot. Keep the LUA balance greater than 1LUA on the snapshot block to ensure the proposal is valid.

4. Click on “New proposal” button

5. Fill out the Title and your community proposal. Select the desired voting options

6. Select the start date/the end date

7. Fill out the Snapshot block number (further detail below) then choose " Publish"

Vote on a proposal

1.Go to and make sure you connect with wallet provider where you hold relevant token

2. Choose the proposal then click on the option you want to vote for

Note: A user’s voting power is based on the snapshot of unlocked LUA balance in his/her account at the snapshot block in the proposal's information page.

3. Sign the message via your wallet and done

Snapshot block number

This number is important to lock the state of community members who are able to vote.

Meaning that if you attempt to vote on a proposal and block number is in the past, and you weren't holding required token yet, your vote will not be counted.

H = h + ((t1 — t0) / a)


  • H = target block height

  • h = current block height

  • t0 = current timestamp (in seconds)

  • t1 = target timestamp (in seconds)

  • a = average time to solve a block (in seconds)


last_block_number + ((future_time - time_now) / block_time)

So, for example, using a current epoch time of 1481214124, the epoch time of 1482537600 for midnight Christmas Eve, and the last block of 2771338:

2771338 + ((1482537600 - 1481214124) / 14) = 2865872

Or just look at and use the last block number.

Source: Snapshot Docs