IDO Pool Types & Allocation

Tier Member Pool

This is the standard pool model which will be applied to all IDOs on LuaStarter.
The tier member pool is powered by the Tier Guaranteed System (TGS), which consists of 4+1 tier levels based on the total number of xLUA tokens and LP tokens held in one's wallet, enabling everyone an equal right to participate in the IDO projects. The IDO token supply will be allocated to each tier depending on the raise amount and pool weight of each tier member.

Tier Requirements

Users are required to stake their LUA tokens in the designated protocols (see table below) to be qualified for a tier and secure a minimum guaranteed allocation of the IDO token.
Eligible staking protocols
LUA equivalency
LUA staked in LuaSafe
= LUA x 1
= LUA x 2
*the LP tokens staked in farming pools must be unstaked before the deadline.
Users are required to have their LUA tokens staked in LuaSafe or added in PIXEL-LUA, LUA-TOMO(E)* liquidity pool (either TomoChain or Ethereum) to be qualified for a tier and secure a minimum guaranteed allocation of the IDO token
LUA tokens must be added in the designated protocols at least 3 days before and remain staked until the IDO opens.
Each participant's minimum guaranteed allocation is based upon the weighting between the user and the entire pool.
Guaranteed allocation = IDO token supply x user's pool weight / total pool weight


Once the IDO pool is open, users can find the minimum guaranteed allocation of the IDO token in their profile. They can now commit any amount of the base token in exchange for the IDO token. Non-tier members can also place buy orders but no guarantee if and how much of their order will be filled.
Part of the IDO token supply, if not all, will be first allocated to meet the minimum guaranteed allocation of all the tier members who have placed a buy order.
The remaining supply of each tier will be allocated to members of the same tier on a first come, first served basis. Any unsold supply in a tier will be allocated to other members from the highest to the lowest tier.

Exclusive Pool

The Exclusive Pool is an optional pool that usually comes with a lower sale price and longer vesting schedule, which is suitable for long term investors of the IDO project. All the Galaxy Plus tier members will be secured with an allocation, while other tier members can still participate on a FCFS (first-come, first-serviced) basis with no allocation guaranteed.

Whitelist Pool

The Whitelist Pool is another optional pool that allows the IDO project to build a community, create awareness and attract investors through community tasks. Users who complete the set tasks will be whitelisted for this pool without having to hold LUA tokens or meet other requirements.