Frequently Asked Questions

General information

1. Is there any new token to be issued?

No new tokens will be issued. Users can simply stake LUA into LuaSafe or add LUA into LUA - TOMO(E) liquidity pool on TomoChain or Ethereum to be eligible for the IDOs, then commit to buy IDO tokens.

2. Is there any lucky lottery?

There are no lucky lotteries but fairly distributed allocations based on the Tier Guaranteed System (TGS) for all participants.

3. Where can I get $TOMO/$LUA to join IDOs?

Both LUA and TOMO tokens can be instantly exchanged on LuaSwap with fast speed and low fees.
They can also be traded on the following exchanges.
  • For LUA: FTX, Hotbit, Coinone
  • For TOMO: Binance, FTX, Kucoin,, Coinone, LBank, etc.

Before the IDO

1. Where can I find more information on IDOs?

For information on our IDOs, please check our announcement channels:

2. Which wallets are supported by LuaStarter?

LuaSwap currently supports both MetaMask and Wallet Connect.
Wallet Connect ensures extra wallet connectivity for users via the options to link their Ledger Hardware Wallet, Trust Wallet, and several more popular protocols.

3. How many IDOs can I join at the same time?

You can join as many IDOs as you like at once.

4. Any KYC needed? Do I have to register for each IDO?

No, you don't need to register for each IDO. You just need to register once by connecting your wallet and entering your email address to participate in all the upcoming IDO projects. There is no KYC required.

5. I have registered for an upcoming IDO with a certain amount of LUA already staked. If I purchase more LUA and stake them after registration, will my tier be upgraded?

Yes, if the number of LUA reaches the requirements of the next tier 3 days prior to the IDO launch. Follow this guide for more details.

6. For the participants in the same tier, would those with a higher staking/holding amount have a higher token allocation?

No, everyone in the same tier will have the same allocation. For example, a person who staked 5000 LUA & a person who staked 8000 LUA would both be qualified for the EARTH tier with the same minimum guaranteed allocation.

During/ After the IDO

1. How can I participate in IDOs on LuaStarter?

Please follow this tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

2. How long do I have to stake my LUA to be qualified for a tier?

Your LUA tokens should be staked in LuaSafe or added in LUA-TOMO(E) liquidity pool on TomoChain or Ethereum at least 3 days before IDO opens, and remain held throughout the 3 days.

3. What are the tiers of LuaStarter?

The TGS Model consists of 4 premium tiers and 1 community tier (tier 0).
1. Earth: - Staking requirement: 5,000 LUA - Pool weight: 1
2. Moon: - Staking requirement: 25,000 LUA - Pool weight: 6
3. Mars - Staking requirement: 100,000 LUA - Pool weight: 30
4. Galaxy - Staking requirement: 250,000 LUA - Pool weight: 100
Community tier members also can commit to buy IDO tokens without a guarateed allocation. Find out more about the tier requirements & allocation.

4. Do I need to unstake/restake for each IDO?

No. You'll be automatically registered for all the IDOs as long as you have activated your profile, and have enough LUA staked in the designated protocols at least 3 days before the IDO launch.

5. When will I find out about my guaranteed allocation?

Guaranteed allocations will be calculated and released shortly after the Snapshot is done. Your token guaranteed allocation will depend on the number of members in each tier and the project's token supply for the IDO.

6. How do I find the token address for the project I just invested in?

You can find the token contract and other project-related information on the project’s introduction section

7. How can I claim my token?

After the IDO is closed for commitment, our system would need 3 days to calculate each user's actual allocation based on their token commitment. Once done, you can find your allocation on the IDO page. Simply click on the "Claim your reward" button then sign the transaction to claim your tokens.
Scroll down the page, click on “Add token” button to add the IDO token into your wallet so you can view and manage it.

8. Can I buy more tokens than the guaranteed number of tokens?

You can, but not sure. You may need to upgrade your tier 3 days before the IDO starts to increase the guaranteed number of tokens you want to own. You still have the option not to upgrade your tier, and commit the maximum number of tokens calculated by the TGS model, and wait for the result. If there is any member who does not execute the right to buy, its right will transfer to other tier members who commit first.
It's possible but not guaranteed. Only when the guaranteed allocations are not sold out, then it'll be offered to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis.

9. When can I unstake my LUA tokens after joining the IDO?

You can unstake the LUA tokens anytime you want. But if you unstake your LUA within 3 days before the IDO starts, you may lose your tier position.

Projects launching on LuaStarter

1. How can I apply to launch an IDO on LuaStarter?

Please fill out the application form, we will follow up with you for more details and due diligence check if you passed the screening process.

2. How do you select IDO projects?

We've implemented the 5 steps to make sure that only quality projects can be listed on LuaStarter:
  • Initial application
  • Screening process
  • Kick-off call
  • Due diligence check
  • Final security check

3. How much can projects raise through us?

Flexible. The smart contract can be utilized for any size. But we suggest a minimum of 100K USD or equivalent for the IDO.

4. What types of projects are you looking to list on LuaStarter?

We look for projects that work toward improving the current DeFi ecosystem, such as automated investment systems, secure and scalable products, on-chain data analytics, cross-chain bridge and chains versus real world data, etc. Whatever that has the capacity to integrate to the whole ecosystem and potential to expand in the future.

5. Is there any restriction or limit on the IDO supply?

No. It is up to projects. LuaStarter can assist them with tokenomics based on specific projects and their business goals, and suggest on the IDO supply if needed.