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1. Connect your wallet


TomoChain will guide you how to connect MetaMask to TomoChain Testnet. It is an essential step to study an overview of TomoChain features in term of meeting the crypto trading needs on system.

Get started! You first need to install Extension MetaMask on Chrome or Brave browsers. Once you agree to the Metamask Terms of Use and create an account successfully, follow instructions:

Step 1: Click to MetaMask logo on the browser to open the Extention -> select Network -> select Custom RPC as shown below:


Step 2: When Setting screen pops up, you enter into New RPC URL Texbox then Save.


Step 3: You successfully connect to TomoChain Testnet after 2 steps. Next, you use TOMO to pay a Gas fee to implement Smart Contact. To have some TOMO in the testnet, you can enter your wallet address in Faucet site to request some TOMO.

So, you accomplish connecting the MetaMask to TomoChain (testnet). From now on, you can make transactions and develop Dapp as well as Smart Contract as you wish.


Step 2: From MyEtherWallet homepage, at top right corner, select TomoChain Testnet


Step 3: Import/create a wallet, view the balance and make a transaction to send TOMO to another address.


All transactions you make will be recorded in TomoChain and transparently viewed on TomoScan.


You are able to use hardware wallets (Trezor, Ledger Nano S) in MyEtherWallet to connect TomoChain Testnet.


TomoWallet is now available at You can create a wallet, get some TOMO on the testnet and transfer/receive TOMO back and forth.

Note: At the moment, TomoWallet only works on TomoChain Testnet. So all TOMO you have in TomoWallet is only for testing purpose.

Create a new wallet

On the first page, click CREATE NEW WALLET button. TomoWallet will automatically create a new wallet and show up the address, qr code and the balance in your home page.



  • On the homepage, click Earn TOMO to test on the bottom left corner.
  • Click REQUEST button and wait a couple of seconds to get some TOMO.


Transfer TOMO

  • On left menu, click Tranfer to go to Tranfer TOMO page.


  • Enter a valid recipient address and amount TOMO you want to send and click SEND.

  • After few seconds, your transaction will be presented at Transactions page as the below:


Delete a wallet

In case, you want to access other wallets, then delete the current wallet. Make sure you backup Private Key and Recovery Phrases so you can import your wallet again.

To delete your wallet, go to details page, and click DELETE THIS WALLET button.

Import your wallet

  • On the first page, click IMPORT YOUR WALLET.
  • Enter our Private Key or Recovery Phrases
  • Click IMPORT button.