Set up and use TomoWallet.
Use TomoWallet Web version at or download the mobile compatible TomoWallet App from the Apple Store. You can create a new wallet, import an existing wallet, vote for Masternodes, and transfer/receive TOMO.
Under Settings you can Choose Network: TomoChain (Mainnet) or TomoChain Testnet.

1. Create Wallet

To create and experience the features in the web version of TomoWallet, follow the following steps:
Step 2: Click “Create a New Wallet” or "Import Your Wallet" with a private key, recovery phrase, MetaMask, or Ledger Wallet.

2. Making Transactions from TomoWallet

For sending TOMO, use the “Send TOMO” feature to send TOMO or other TomoChain tokens to another wallet.
TomoWallet for the mobile platforms integrates a QR Code that can be scanned to send tokens to conveniently.

3. Check Transaction Information

All transactions are logged and saved in TomoWallet. View this information by clicking on the Transactions tab.

4. Private Key & Backup Key

These are two special features that help users to access their TomoChain wallets through other 3rd party wallets.
To view this information, click on the My Wallet in the top right corner of the screen and then select Show my Wallet to see your Private Key / Backup Key.
Please ensure that no one else can see your recovery phrase or private key.