Pantograph provides a frictionless environment for communities to interact with the TomoChain Blockchain via Pantograph Extension and Pantograph Mobile App.
Pantograph Extension exists as the first extension that is exclusively designed to support TOMO. It is now available on Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. You can log in with Pantograph and experience a host of TomoChain services (Staking, Issuer, Bridge, DEX, etc.). The extension is plain, simple, and easy to use.

1. Create Account

Step 1: Download Pantograph Extension at
Step 2: Choose to “Add extension” to your browser.
Step 3: Click “Create a Wallet” to create a new wallet, or "Import Wallet" to import your existing wallet with your Private Key (recovery phrase).
Congrats! Now you’re in.

2. Staking TOMO with Pantograph Extension

You can stake your TOMO directly on Tomo Master with Pantograph Extension to earn APY (Average Per Year) Interest from 4% – 12%. Your staking is verified on Blockchain from time to time.
Step 1: Simply click on ‘Staking’ to start. You will be directed to Tomo Master site.
Step 2: Log in with Pantograph. Tap on “Connect” to allow Tomo Master to connect with your Pantograph account. Once connected, you don’t have to sign in next time.
Note: You can withdraw everything at any time back to your account on Pantograph. It’s all conducted on Smart Contract so your assets are secured.

3. Making Transactions

To send TOMO, simply click on “Send”. Then add the recipient’s address. You can also scan QR Code to send tokens to the recipient conveniently.
Pantograph enables you to modify the Gas Fees to minimize the cost with an optimized transaction speed.

4. Buy/ Exchange for TOMO

You can buy or exchange tokens for TOMO easily with Pantograph. Simply click on “Deposit” to use these features.

5. Private Key

To view the Private Key of your Pantograph account, access the Menu in the left corner of the extension and then select “Details”.
Note: Private key (or recovery phrase) is a unique set of words that guarantees the user ownership of their data. Think of your private key as the password to enter your house. Private key is the only way to access your funds. Make sure that no one else can see it.