How to connect with TomoChain Mainnet using MyEtherWallet (MEW)

When you connect to Ledger on MEW

> Upgrade the ledger to the latest firmware
  • Open new MEW page > Click “access my wallet”
  • Connect ledger > Click on ETH app > Go into settings > Go to contract data and click yes (Do nothing else in the ETHapp just click yes for contract data)
  • Back to MEW > Click hardware > Click ledger-choose hardware > Select ethereum m/44'/60'/0' > Select it, accept terms and click “access my wallet”
If the above guidance does not work, contact us via telegram chat: to get support.

When you login to MEW via the private key

On MEW, click “Access my wallet" -> Software -> Choose what way you prefer (private key, keystore file or mnemonic phrase) -> Change the network to TomoChain (inside the red rectangle) as the picture below
Last modified 2mo ago