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This page contains all the major new features about the Tomochain software. You can follow the progress of the project here chronologically.


TomoWallet (mobile)

TomoWallet is now available on the App Store and Play Store.


TomoScan v0.2

  • Added anchors for tabs.
  • Code of the crawler revised.
  • New users will receive a welcome email.
  • You can now add an address to the list of followed addresses.


tmn v0.2

  • Add a update command to use the latest TomoChain client.
  • Logic has been refactored for better extensibility.
  • Your logs will now never exceed 3GB thanks to the log rotation.
  • Minor aesthetics changes.


TomoWallet v0.1

  • Create and import a wallet.
  • Transfer and receive TOMO for Testnet use only.
  • Earn TOMO for Testnet use only with an integrated faucet.


TomoScan v0.1

  • Crawl data from a full node.
  • Serve a modern webapp frontend.


tmn v0.1

  • Start a full node.
  • Stop a full node.
  • Inspect the full node.
  • Get the full node status.
  • Remove a full node.

TomoChain v0.2

  • Enhance masternode set selection on each epoch
  • Introduce single TOML file to run full-node to get rid of long-typing multiple flags
  • Stabilize block importing between nodes


TomoMaster v0.2

  • Desktop version released.
  • Optimize withdrawals page.
  • Voters can now search for a candidate.
  • Several bug fixes.


TomoMaster v0.1

  • Vote for masternodes with TOMO.
  • Unvote and withdraw.
  • Calculate rewards for voters and masternodes.
  • List masternodes and candidates
  • Monitor masternodes' performance

TomoChain v0.1

  • PoSV consensus (Proof of Stake Voting)
  • Block producers (masternode)
  • Reward engine and staking mechanism
  • Integrate with TomoScan and TomoMaster
  • Built-in smart contracts for voting and reward