What is TomoWallet? Where can I download it?

TomoWallet is the official mobile wallet for TomoChain that stores the TOMO native coin and tokens issued on TomoChain. TomoWallet also allows users to vote for Masternodes and track rewards.
TomoWallet is available for iOS and Web.

What tokens/coins does TomoWallet support?

The TomoWallet supports native TOMO on the TomoChain Mainnet and all tokens on the TomoChain platform including TRC20, TRC21 and TRC721.

Does TomoWallet support multiple address?

Yes, it does. TomoWallet can support a maximum of 5 addresses.
Go to bar on the upper left corner > "Add new wallet" button on the upper right corner > Create a new address or Import the current one.

How can I create a TOMO wallet? What are the options to creating a TOMO wallet?

You can create a TOMO wallet with the iOS app, TomoWallet Web, MyEtherWallet or Metamask.

Create a new wallet on TomoWallet

You can create a new wallet if you click on "CREATE NEW WALLET" after launching the App. You will receive a recovery passphrase consisting of 12 words to restore your wallet in case you lose your password. To protect your wallet you should click on "Settings" > "Create passcode" so all transfers from your wallet will need to be confirmed with a passcode.

Receive TOMO

By clicking on "Address" you can either receive TOMO by sharing your address or your QR-code. It's also possible to create a QR-code that requests a certain amount of tokens.


By clicking on "Send" you can either send TOMO by scanning a QR-code or entering a recipient address manually.

Can we vote on TomoMaster using TomoWallet?

Yes, TomoWallet can be used for voting/staking on TomoMaster. Here is a GUIDE.

Where to track rewards after voting?

Voters and Masternodes can track rewards from staking directly in the wallet.

I have a Private Key/Recovery Phrase. How do I import it into TomoWallet in a safe way?

By clicking on "IMPORT YOUR WALLET" after launching the App, you can choose to import your wallet either with your private key or your recovery passphrase. There is also a "view only" mode, where you just have to enter your address. You can monitor, but not send any transactions in this mode.

How do I backup my wallet?

Go to TomoWallet, click 'Setting tab' in the top left corner, press 'backup wallet', then write down/ scan the QR code of your private key/ backup phrase.

How do I protect my TomoWallet app?

TomoWallet allows you to prevent unauthorized transactions by putting a password on the app itself. With this feature, you must authenticate every time you launch/ make a transaction on the TomoWallet. You can enable password protection in Settings.
TIP: Make sure to upgrade your TomoWallet to the latest version to see this feature.

How do I protect my funds from scammers?

Every wallet consists of two parts - public key and private key. TomoWallet stores your private key directly on your device. There are a couple of formats TomoWallet can display your private key in:
  • Private key - an unencrypted collection of numbers and letters that unlocks access to your address on various blockchains
  • Mnemonic phrase - 12 words used to secure your private key. Much easier to remember.
No service should ever ask you for your private key. Anyone with your private key can access your wallet and have FULL CONTROL of your funds.

I lost my backup, what I do?

You can always have multiple copies of your backup if you think you can store it safely. Any valid backup (private key/ mnemonic) will get you to the most current state of your wallet. We at TomoWallet, don’t have access to your wallet or your private key. We are not able to help you recover your backup if you lose your device and your backup. Please make sure you store your backup(s) in a safe place.

Can I access cold storage wallet in 'view-only' mode with TomoWallet?

The TomoWallet watch functionality allows users of cold storage wallets: Ledger, KeepKey, or any other device - to access their wallet in a view-only mode. By ONLY importing a PUBLIC KEY, we ensure that no action can be performed inside the wallet, meaning no asset can be transferred out of the wallet or accessed in any way. That allows users to see how their crypto portfolio is performing while having their keys in a safe place.
Here is how you can do it with TomoWallet:
  • Open the TomoWallet
  • Choose 'import a wallet'
  • Select 'import your public key' -> Paste your address -> Import

Can I switch from my existing wallet app like Metamask, MyEtherWallet, etc. to TomoWallet?

Yes. You can export private key/recovery phrases from existing wallet app then import to TomoWallet.