TomoP Protocol

A protocol designed to create safe and untraceable transactions. Information about both sender/receiver wallet addresses will remain anonymous, and the transaction values between them private.

What kind of information is hidden under a private transaction using TomoP?

TomoP conceals information about senders, receivers, and transaction amounts while in Privacy Mode.

Does TomoP only support TOMO token?

TomoP supports anonymizing transaction information for TOMO, TomoChain tokens (TRC-20, TRC-21, TRC-21P), and wrapped tokens from other chains (BTC, ETHm USDT, etc.)

Does TomoP have any means/mechanism to support regulatory compliance?

Yes, TomoP supports a dual key system - view and spend key. Each user will be issued a pair of private keys. The user can optionally share her/his private view key to an authorized agency, agency, so that the agency can query all balance-related information for regulatory purposes.

Will TomoP support exchanges?

Yes, the TomoP development team will be providing SDK documents to integrate TomoP into different exchanges for the purposes of depositing TOMO tokens and other supported tokens.

Can we track the private transactions following TomoP on TomoScan?

Yes, TomoP transactions are fully public on TomoScan but the relevant information including sender, receiver and amount, are hidden from third-parties and are only visible to the sender.

Is TomoP compatible with third-party wallets?

TomoP team provides TomoP SDK that supports third-party integration.

Read more at TomoP white paper