What is TomoRelayer?

TomoRelayer is a DEX portal which follows TomoChain’s design and interacts with the underlying TomoX protocol. By using TomoRelayer, anyone can propose their own decentralized exchange by depositing 25,000 TOMO. The design used in TomoRelayer assists the owners in monitoring, analyzing and controlling digital assets on their exchange platform with a professional dashboard.
Key features of TomoRelayer:
  • Interoperability: Enables trading of any TRC-20 or TRC-21 asset. Any token that follows these standards can be traded on a TomoX-integrated DEX.
  • Professional Dashboard: Provides information management that tracks the key performance of your DEX.
  • Liquidity Network: Provides one giant tradable order book for every token. Whether you’re trading on the most popular exchange or the least popular exchange, the token order book will always be the same.

Launch Your Own DEX with TomoRelayer

Step 1: Unlocking your wallet

On the homepage, you will see 4 options to unlock your wallet

Step 2: Once unlocked, you will see the display of the main Dashboard

The main dashboard displays 2 main tabs
  • Relayer Page: All key figures representing your Relayer’s performance are displayed.
  • Configuration: This advanced tab lets you override the content and default settings, including:
  • Information: Setting detail information of your Relayer
  • Trade option: Adding trading fees (%) and trade tokens based on your preference
  • Transfer: Allows you to transfer ownership of your Relayer to another owner
  • Shutdown: Allows you to shut down your Relayer

Steps on registering a new Relayer

Step 1: Relayer Registration: First, deposit a minimum amount of 25,000 TOMO and add an address of your Relayer Coinase
Step 2: Add the Relayer Name
Step 3: Adjust the trading Fee: the Brokerage fee is charged when a trader buys or sells tokens. The minimum requirement is 0.01% and it can be modified later
Step 4: Select trading pairs to appear in the Main Dashboard. You can also see the volume within 7 days and search for other available pairs.
Once all 4 steps are completed, there will be a review box about all previous details and settings before officially publishing your Relayer.
Congratulations, you’ve just created your very own Relayer.

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