Installing Solidity compiler


Solidity versions follow semantic versioning and in addition to releases, nightly development builds are also made available. However, we recommend to only install Solidity compiler versions <= 0.5.0 as higher versions introduce breaking changes resulting in opcodes that are not available in that current EVM version of TomoChain.


We recommend Remix for small contracts and for quickly learning Solidity.

Access Remix online, you do not need to install anything. If you want to use it without connection to the Internet, go to and download the .zip file as explained on that page. Remix is also a convenient option for testing nightly builds without installing multiple Solidity versions.

Further options on this page detail installing commandline Solidity compiler software on your computer. Choose a commandline compiler if you are working on a larger contract or if you require more compilation options.

To use Remix with TomoChain, you only need to connect your Metamask to TomoChain using TomoChain's RPC and following this [tutorial](

npm / Node.js

Use npm for a convenient and portable way to install solcjs, a Solidity compiler. The solcjs program has fewer features than the ways to access the compiler described further down this page. The Using the Commandline Compiler documentation assumes you are using the full-featured compiler, solc. The usage of solcjs is documented inside its own repository.

Note: The solc-js project is derived from the C++ solc by using Emscripten which means that both use the same compiler source code. solc-js can be used in JavaScript projects directly (such as Remix). Please refer to the solc-js repository for instructions.

npm install -g solc