Build a Dapp on TomoChain
In this guide:
    Setting up Truffle, the most popular development framework for Ethereum which also works perfectly for TomoChain
    Creating a Truffle project
    Creating a TomoChain wallet
    Requesting free tokens using TomoChain faucet
    Writing a smart contract
    Compiling and migrating the smart contract to TomoChain
    Connecting Metamask to TomoChain Testnet
    Creating a user interface to interact with the smart contract

Why should developers build Dapps on TomoChain?

Remember CryptoKitties in 2017? A single Dapp brought the whole Ethereum blockchain to its knees. The network was congested, with endless waiting times for transaction confirmation and high transaction fees. Porting to TomoChain would seem a good idea for the cute kitties.
TomoChain Mainnet can process 2,000 TPS, which is 100x faster than the Ethereum blockchain, and for a fraction of the cost.
In this tutorial, we will see how to build a Dapp using Solidity and then deploy it to TomoChain blockchain.
Note: Because deploying a smart contract on Mainnet is much similar to Testnet, the differences are just the configuration information, this document will explicitly mention the differences where possible
Last modified 1yr ago